Feeling stuck, lost, or just needing some extra support? 


If you’re not happy with where you are it's important to understand where you want to go. Whether you are in a crisis or you just need some extra support, I can help you negotiate life’s challenges in a meaningful and satisfying way. Working together, I am here to promote your personal fulfillment by helping you navigate the blockages that stand in your path while also helping to cultivate the aspects of your being that seek expression in the world.

It is enough to simply want relief from suffering, but it is more to move towards a brighter vision of the future. With my personable and strength-based approach, I am here to meet you where you are at and get you moving in the right direction.

I have experience addressing anxiety, depression, grief & loss, trauma, PTSD and addiction as well as issues concerning relationships, confidence & self-esteem, sexuality, gender, sexual orientation, boundaries, spirituality, life-purpose, and anger.