Feeling disconnected?

Struggling to communicate?

Has your joy or sexual excitement faded?


I am available to help you learn how to communicate your needs, desires, and emotions in a way that helps you get met and feel heard. My approach to couples therapy works to help each of you better understand and express yourself in relationship to each other in ways that support satisfying, authentic connection and deepened intimacy. By providing a safe space and offering tools to negotiate differences and resolve conflict, I can help you each access your inherent strengths and resources to rise above the issues that stand in the way of experiencing the relationship you desire.

Perhaps there is a chapter in your relationship that's coming to an end or you are both on the threshold of a new beginning. Working together as your guide and ally, I offer a grounded and engaging presence that can be both compassionate and supportive as well as directive and challenging. I look for what wants support and acceptance and what wants to grow and evolve within each partner.  

 I have experience with pre-marital counseling, communication issues, lack of connection, anger, sexuality, poly relationships, LGBTQ relationships, child-rearing, finances, infidelity, and addiction as well as simply just helping couple’s thrive.