You have a vision for a better world…but how do you support your inspiration and follow-through in these challenging times? Waves of uncertainty, urgency, or overwhelm may roll in but you don't have to get swept away. I am here to help you lean into your unknowns with strength and confidence by bringing your best self forward so you can do what you are here to do.

My approach to coaching offers a unique, cutting-edge process that helps current and emerging change-makers foster resilience and enhance professional performance through the latest developments in applied neuroscience, somatic psychology and positive psychology, along with age-old eastern non-dual and earth-based wisdom traditions. Performance coaching can help you:

  • clarify your vision and purpose

  • develop your strengths

  • address your challenges and blocks

  • achieve your goals

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, activist, business leader, healer or all of the above, rather than simply endure stress you’ll receive the tools and skills you’ll need to adapt, and grow within uncertainty and create fields of possibility wherever you go.